Tax Appraisal

Nathan Bland Tax Appraiser I
Gary Rominger Tax Appraiser II
Toby Storie Tax Appraiser II

Phone:  828-265-8028

The functions of the Tax Appraisal Department are:

  • To appraise all real property in accordance with statutory standards and generally accepted appraisal standards.
  • To answer inquires from the public about the appraisal process and appraised values.
  • Maintain information and applications for present use.

Important dates and information for the Tax Appraisal Department are:

  • The Appraisal Department sends out new value notices for new real estate construction or additions during January and February of each year.
  • Starting in January of each year, the Appraisal Department schedules hearings for taxpayers who want to appeal their property values.  Appraisal hearings will be held during the month of April.  Application to appeal must be received no later than April 15th or the following business day if the 15th falls on the weekend.
  • Present use value applications accepted through the month of January.