Pet Owner's Guide

Pet Owner Requirements

  • Rabies vaccination for dogs and cats, booster after 1 year.
  • Rabies boosters every three years for dogs, every year for cats.

Remember the owner or keeper is responsible for his/her pet's misfeasance!

Pet Redemptions
To redeem an animal that was picked up and retained at the Facility you must:

  • Pay all fees
  • Show proof of rabies vaccination within 72 hours of redemption
  • Purchase tax tag(s) if necessary

Animal Cruelty

Recovered Cruelty Case Any needless torture, killing, failure to feed, water, or provide shelter and veterinary care is animal cruelty. We must have a written complaint to properly investigate and probable cause must be established for court warrant(s).
Animals are private property. Do not attempt to take an animal from an owner or premises. A court order is required to seize an animal.

Dangerous Dogs
Any dog that: Attacks humans or animals, Attempts to attack humans, Or is unusually aggressive may be determined "dangerous" to public safety by the Department based on: Witness statements and investigation. Dangerous dog(s) must be restrained or confined as required.

Animal Noises
The Department does not have jurisdiction over noises such as barking dogs.

Nuisance Animals
Any domestic animal may be determined a public nuisance if: Property is destroyed; Chases pedestrians, bicyclists, livestock, automobiles, etc.; health hazard; offensive by number. We must receive more than one written complaint to investigate.

Rabies Control
Rabies can be fatal if not treated! Rabies can be transferred from saliva of infected animals through bites, scratches, or mucus membrane ingestion. The worst carriers are raccoons, skunks, foxes, and unvaccinated pets. Rabies symptoms may include salivation, no fear, listlessness, loss of coordination or abnormal behavior.

If You Are Bitten:
Seek professional medical help immediately. Report bite information to the Department including; victims name, age, sex, phone number, address, location of bite and type of treatment required, animal description, owner's name, owner's phone number and vaccination information. The law requires that an animal that has bitten someone must be quarantined.

Lost Animals
Report lost pets to the Department with the following information:

  • Owner's name, address and phone number
  • Animal description
  • Any tags or ID's

Also report information to the Humane Society at 264-7865, local radio stations, newspapers, and veterinarians. Post notices in community where pet was lost.

You may adopt dogs or cats at the shelter facility during regular hours of operation. The adoption fee includes: First shots and spay or neuter of animal.
Owner of adopted animal(s) must also: Purchase tax tag and vaccinate animal for rabies within 72 hours of adoption.

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