Appointed By Board Of Commissioners

Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee
Promotes the interests and well-being of the residents in Adult Care Homes.
(1st Monday of each month at 4:00 P.M. Appalachian Brian Estates)

Member Term Expire Date
Glenda Hodges 01/2022
Evelina Idol 09/2023
Angie Greene 03/2020

Animal Control Appeals Board

A County Ordinance gives this Board authority to declare an animal to be dangerous or a nuisance, the owner of an animal has the right to appeal this determination, and this Board determines whether to overturn the determination or to uphold it. 

The Watauga County Board of County Commissioners shall appoint anserves as the appeals board to review “dangerous” or “potentially dangerous” designations upon request of the owner or keeper.

AppalCART Board
Sets policy for AppalCART which is the local public transportation system. The Board is the final authority and supervises the director.
(4th Monday of each month at 3:00 PM in the AppalCART Board Room)

Member Appointment Date Representative Of
Todd Carter 01/19/22 Town of Boone
John Eckman 05/19/20 ASU
David Jackson 08/03/21 At-Large
Joe Eller 08/03/21 User
Barry Sauls 03/20/12 ASU
Quint David 08/03/21 At-Large
Angie Boitnotte 08/20/13 Human Service Agency
Charlie Wallin
Commissioner Rep
12/07/21 BCC

Blowing Rock Board Of Adjustments Extraterritorial Representation
Acts on issues within Blowing Rock’s ETJ area just outside Town limits for variance requests for land use code that has been requested outside the Town limits and within the ETJ area.
(Called meetings as necessary and/or needed)

ETJ Member (BOA) Appointment Date
Harrison Herbst 02/16/21
ETJ Member (Planning) Appointment Date
Harrison Herbst 02/16/21

Boone Rural Fire Protection Service District Board Of Directors
This Board is responsible for overseeing the tax and setting the tax rate on a yearly basis.
(Must live in District; Second Thursday of January, April, July, and October at 7:00 PM Boone Fire Station #2)

Member Term Expiration Date Commissioner
Tommy Critcher 12/2022 District 1 – Pertalion
Lee Stroupe 12/2024 District 2 – Welch
Jimmy Marsh 12/2022 District 3 – Kennedy
Jody Eller 12/2022 District 4 – Turnbow
Mary Cavanaugh  12/2024 District 5 – Wallin

Caldwell Community College Board Of Trustees
To make broad policies within which the institution operates. The Board and the President and his staff jointly focus on planning, setting expectations and evaluation.
(Meet 3rd Wednesday each month in the Board Room at the CCC&TI Campus in Hudson at 11:30 AM)

Member Term Expiration Date
Billy Ralph Winkler 06/2023
Dr. Lowell Younce 06/2025

Economic Development Commission
Works to create jobs and increase incomes in Watauga County through entrepreneurial development, business recruitment and assistance to existing business.
(Meets 2nd Thursday of each month at 9:00 AM in the Appalachian Enterprise Center Conference Room)

Member Term Expiration Date
Wallace Greer 06/2023
James Bance 06/2023
Erik Lanier 06/2023
Charlie Bateman 06/2023
Virginia Lee Wallace 06/2024
Angela King 06/2024
Kelly Coffey 06/2022
Tad Dolbier 06/2022
Dan Meyer 06/2022
Larry Turnbow
Commissioner Rep
ASU Chancellor’s Appointee  
Director Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce  
Director of Boone Area Chamber of Commerce  

EMS Advisory Council
Acts as advisory board for Emergency Medical Services for the County.
(Meets the 1st Wednesday of February, May, August, & November at 4:30 PM in the Watauga County Administration Building)

Member – Representative of . . . Appointment Date
Appalachian Regional Healthcare System 08/07/2012
Boone Fire & Rescue 08/07/2012
Blowing Rock Rescue 08/07/2012
Watauga Rescue 08/07/2012
Franchisee 08/07/2012
Fire Commission Chairman (or designee) 08/07/2012
Emergency Communications 08/07/2012
At-Large (Appointed by the EMS Ad Comm)
(from geographic area not covered by the above)
At-Large (Appointed by the EMS Ad Comm)
(from geographic area not covered by the above)
First Responder (Appointed by the EMS Ad Comm)
(from geographic area not covered by the above)
Medical Director 09/01/2015
County Manager 08/07/2012
Carrington Pertalion – Commissioner Rep 12/07/2021

Home and Community Care Block Grant Advisory Committee/Project On Aging Advisory Committee
Reviews the County's aging services, recommends funding allocation of Block Grant Funds, and submits a plan with a budget for Board of Commissioners' approval.
(Meets at least once a year - as announced)

2021 H&CCBG Committee Members Appointment Date
Angie Boitnotte 03/02/2021
Zack Greene
Dustin Burleson
Austin Combs
Jennifer Greene
Betsy Richards
Skylar Taracido
Pat Coley
Kat Danner
Linda Marcoux
Mary Moretz
Carolyn Owens
Dr. Ed Rosenberg
Carrington Pertalion -
Commissioner Representative


Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC)
Assesses the needs of youth in Watauga County, with attention given to the needs of status offenders on a continuing basis. Assists the County by making recommendations for the use of CBA/JJDP funds.
(4th Thursday of each month at 8:00 AM in the DSS Meeting Room)

Commissioner Representative – John Welch – appointed 12/03/2021

Approved at Jun 4, 2019, BCC Meeting:

  Specified Members Name Title Designee
1) School Superintendent or designee Dr. Paul Holden Student Services Dir. X
2) Chief of Police      
3) Local Sheriff or designee      
4) District Attorney or designee Meghan Wills  Assistant DA X
5) Chief Court Counselor or designee Lisa Garland Chief Counselor  
6) Director, AMH/DD/SA, or designee Stephanie Jessup Vaya Health Care Coordinator X
7) Director DSS or designee      
8) County Manager or designee Misty Watson Finance Director X
9) Substance Abuse Professional Murray Hawkinson Daymark Rec. Sys.  
10) Member of Faith Community Chris Hughes Salvation Ministries  
11) County Commissioner John Welch Commissioner  
12) Two Persons under age 18
(State Youth Council Representative, if available)
13) Juvenile Defense Attorney      
14) Chief District Judge or designee      
15) Member of Business Community      
16) Local Health Director or designee      
17) Rep. United Way/other non-profit      
18) Representative/Parks and Rec. Stephen Poulos Director, P&R  
19) County Commissioner appointee Joan Hearn Guardian Ad Litem  
20) County Commissioner appointee Mechelle Miller Court Counselor  
21) County Commissioner appointee Judy Winecoff Youth Services Librarian  
22) County Commissioner appointee Michael Ackerman Juvenile Court Coun.  
23) County Commissioner appointee Matthew Bonestell Police Officer  
24) County Commissioner appointee      
25) County Commissioner appointee      

Library Board
Assists in developing policies for the County Library.
(Meets the 1st Thursday of odd numbered months at 1:30 PM at the Watauga County Library)

Member Term Expiration Date
Sandra Basel 08/2024
Dr. Scott Elliott 08/2024
Mary Ruthless 08/2024
Roberta Jackson 08/2024
Natalie Harkey 08/2023
Margaret Love 08/2023
Carol Deal 08/2022
Laura Johnson 09/2021
Patricia Swartzbaugh 09/2025
Billy Kennedy
Commissioner Rep

Watauga County Representatives on Appalachian Regional Library, Inc., Board

Member Term Expiration Date
Kathy Idol 08/2021
Dr. Mary Reichel 08/2022
Sandra Basel 08/2020
Ala Sue Moretz 08/2022

Watauga Medical Center, Inc., Board Of Trustees
Governs the affairs of Watauga Medical Center, Inc., and facilities.
(Meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 5:00 PM at Watauga Medical Center)

Member Term Expiration Date
Kent Tarbutton 12/31/2024
Jan Winkler 12/31/2024
Kim Miller 12/31/2024
Jim Deal 12/31/2022
Sam Adams 12/31/2022
Kenneth Wilcox 12/31/2022
Meagan Phillips 12/31/2023
Mary Louise Roberts 12/31/2023
Dr. Paul Dagher 12/31/2023
Billy Kennedy
Commissioner Rep

Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee
Promotes the interests and well-being of the patients in nursing homes and homes for the aged.
(Meets once/quarter - Feb., May, Aug., Nov. at 1:00 PM at locations to be determined)

Member Term Expiration Date
Barbara Hunsucker 02/2022
Pat Coley 10/2020
Janet Sprecht 01/2023

Personnel Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee per Watauga County Personnel Ordinance to hear employee appeals. Members consists of employees and one Commissioner representative.
(Meets as called)

Member Position Appointment Date
John Welch Commissioner Representative 12/07/2021
Angie Boitnotte Department Head Representative 12/03/2012
Amy Parsons Regular Employee Representative 12/03/2012
Regina Houck Regular Employee Representative 03/01/2016
Greg McGrady Regular Employee Representative 08/20/2019
Billy Kennedy Commissioner Representative Alternate 09/03/2019
Misty Watson Regular Employee Representative Alternate 09/03/2019
Derrick Ellison Regular Employee Representative Alternate 03/01/2016
Lynne Austin Regular Employee Representative Alternate 09/03/2019
Amy Snider Regular Employee Representative Alternate 09/03/2019

Recreation Commission
Advisory Board to Watauga County Parks and Recreation which supports recreation programs, public parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, and other recreation facilities owned or controlled by Watauga County
(Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every other month at 7:00 PM)

Member Term Expiration
Mr. John Welch  
Mr. Jared Everett 2023
Mr. Toby Cone 2023
Ms. Brittany Bolick 2022
Mr. Denny Norris, Chair 2020
Mr. Jason Eldreth 2021
Mr. Sam Painter 2022
Mr. Gene Swift, Vice-Chair 2021
Ms. Roxanne Saltman 2023
Mr. Ron Henries  
Recreation Director  
Mr. Doug Matheson  
Ms. Virginia Powell 2020
Rennie Brantz  
Mr. West Eppley 2020
Mr. Greg Dobbins 2018
Ms. Rebecca Gosky 2021
Skip Watts 2018
Dr. Joy James  

Social Services Board
Serves in an advisory capacity for the Department of Social Services.
(Meets the last Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM in the Department of Social Service's Small Conference Room)

Commissioner Representative – Charlie Wallin – appointed 12/07/2021

Member Term Expiration Date
Lynn Patterson 08/30/2022
Dawn Ward 08/30/2023
Mary Smalling 08/30/2024
Reagan Breitenstein 08/30/2025

Tourism Development Authority
This Board promotes tourism within the Tax District U and administers the appropriation of the room occupancy tax levied by the County.
(2nd Tuesday of January, March, May, June, September, November at 8:30 A.M.)

Member Term Expiration Date
Tony Gray 02/2025
Brad Moretz 02/2024
Jim Neustadt 02/2024
Kim Rogers 02/2025
Tina Houston 02/2023
Matthew Vincent 02/2023
Lisa Cooper 02/2023

Valle Crucis Historic Preservation Commission
Issues certificates of appropriateness for proposed construction and all renovations in the historical district.
(Called meetings as needed on the 1st Tuesday at 7:30 PM at Valle Crucis Methodist Church)

Member Term Expiration Date
Scott Jensen 09/2022
Susan Mast 09/2023
Heidi Tester 09/2023
Pat Brown 09/2022
Erin Welsh 09/2024

Watauga County Board Of Adjustment
Considers zoning variances, conditional use permits and zoning appeals.
(Called meetings as needed on the 4th Monday of the month at 5:30 PM)

Member Term Expiration Date
Sue Sweeting 11/2024
Edith Tugman 11/2022
John Prickett 11/2023
Lee Stroupe 11/2022
Alyson Browett 11/2023
Emily Bish

Watauga County Jury Commission
Compiles the biennial list of jurors in strict compliance with the General Statutes of North Carolina.
(Periodically as called - $250 every 2 years)

BCC Appointee Term Expiration Date
Jerry Dotson 06/30/2023

Watauga County Planning Board
Develops and recommends policies, ordinances, administrative procedures and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner.
(3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Commissioners' Board Room at the County Administration Building)

Member Term Expiration Date Commissioner
Dave Robertson 12/2022 District 1 – Pertalion
Neil Hartley 12/2024 District 2 – Welch
Allison Jennings 12/2022 District 3 – Kennedy
Marsha Walpole 12/2022 District 4 – Turnbow
Diane Tilson 12/2024 District 5 – Wallin
Kimmy Tiedemann 12/2023 At-Large
Richard Mattar 12/2025 At-Large

Commissioner Appointments to Boards & Commissions
As Appointed December 7, 2021

Board/Commission Member
Appalachian District Health Department Pertalion
Appalachian Theatre Board of Trustees Ex-Officio Member Wallin or Welch
AppalCART Authority Wallin
Blue Ridge Resource Conservation & Development Area Turnbow
Caldwell Community College &Technical Institute - Watauga Advisory Board Welch
Children’s Council Pertalion
Child Protection Team Kennedy
Cooperative Extension Advisory Leadership Board Pertalion
Economic Development Commission (EDC) Turnbow
Educational Planning Committee (2 appointees) Wallin & Welch
EMS Advisory Committee Pertalion

High Country Council of Governments

  • Including the Executive Board
  • Rural Transportation Advisory Committee(RTAC),and Rural Planning Organization (RPO)
Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) Welch
Humane Society Turnbow
Library Board Kennedy
Motor Vehicle Valuation Review Committee BCC
New River Service Authority Board Wallin
Northwest Regional Housing Authority (5-year term expires Dec 12, 2024) Pat Vines
POA Advisory Committee (Home & Community Care Block Grant) Pertalion
Sheriff’s Office Liaison Kennedy & Turnbow
Vaya Regional Board (Region 3) Kennedy & Wallin
Social Services Advisory Board Wallin
Watauga County Arts Council (Added February 2020) Pertalion
Watauga County Fire Commission Welch
Watauga County Personnel Advisory Committee Chair/Vice-Chair
Watauga County Recreation Commission Welch
Watauga Medical Center Board of Trustees Kennedy
W.A.M.Y. Community Action Wallin
Watauga Opportunities Turnbow
Workforce Development Board (WDB) Chairman